Our wedding packages are made for people living in KSA. As you imagine, living in the GCC requires a few adaptations for expats.  Laws & regulations are very unique. In addition, religions & nationalities can quickly become a challenge & the bureaucracy can turn it into an impossible one. Our company started to solve our own problems. We had to find the best way to live legally while holding different passports. Finding a solution was not easy. Fortunately, we did it! This is why we are now helping dozens of people every month to find the best solutions to their problems.

Paperwork wedding for Kuwait residents


Our paperwork wedding packages are built for couples residing in Kuwait and planning to live together legally.  You may be looking for this option when you are planning to:

  • Live together as a couple
  • Sponsor your partner
  • Have a baby
  • Apply for new visas

If you are still not sure, please book a call with our legal consultants.

Dream Weddings

A few hours away from Kuwait; offer incredible opportunities for organizing your wedding. Our professional wedding planners can help you to have a gorgeous wedding at any location

  • Seaside
  • Old towns & monasteries
  • Mountains 
  • Outdoors

Book a call with our wedding planners and let’s make your dream wedding come true.

    Dream wedding for Kuwait residents

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    Most common Wedding questions
    Future is here- UAE’s first metaverse wedding to take place tomorrow

    The first online Metaverse wedding would take place on May 19, 2022, with a few invited guests and the press in attendance. The Easy Wedding founders; Florian and Liz; would be the first couples to marry in the world of online Metaverse

    UAE’s first Metaverse couple

    Easy Wedding was founded by Florian and Liz, a Dubai-based wedding start-up that recently raised over $100,000 in funding. Both had been living and working in the Middle East for several years when they met and fell in love.

    Florian is a Frenchman, while Liz, his partner, and co-founder, is a Paraguayan. They wanted to fly in with their friends and relatives from both countries when they chose to marry.

    However belonging to different nationalities, and due to Covid the couple who got lawfully married in Georgia in 2019. The couple had a lot of legal complications when trying to get their marriage recorded.

    First Metaverse wedding in UAE

    Florian and Liz will walk down the aisle in their very own personal plot on Decentraland, dressed in a stylish, custom-made black and brown suit and a stunning white dress purchased for around $100 from the most important NFT market Open Sea. They will be accompanied by 20 of their closest relatives and friends, who will join them in the metaverse from the comfort of their own homes

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    Easy destination wedding in Seychelles for Kuwait expats

    Nowadays, marriage ceremonies go beyond simple religious ceremonies. While Kuwait boasts a few beach spots, many expats choose Seychelles for their beach wedding. Planning a wedding in Kuwait is a difficult undertaking, especially if you are of different nationalities and religions. We’re committed to making the process of your wedding day as easy as we can.

    If you are an expat in Kuwait, this article is a must-read for you. Kuwait is also governed by Sharia law just like all other GCC countries. This makes getting married more a bit of a challenge and lengthy process for non-Muslim or interfaith couples.

    What makes the process to get married in Kuwait difficult?

    To legitimize your marriage in Kuwait, all parties involved must have a legal residency permit. This generally makes the entire procedure more complicated, especially if you or your intended spouse are not Kuwait residents. Most GCC nations’ marriage rules do not accommodate tourists.

    Other than a valid residency status, Kuwait requires you to provide:

    • Residents’ Civil ID/Passport
    • Personal identity and a letter from the Executive Committee (for illegal resident applicants)
    • Identifying heirs for widow applicants
    • Letter from a Social Security Institution (if the groom is a student, retired, or jobless)
    • Identification of heirs (the if guardian is deceased)
    • Divorce documentation
    • Power of attorney
    • Permission to marry (if the groom is employed in the military)
    • It is critical that the bride’s guardian be there.
    • There must be two witnesses.

    To legitimize your marriage, you must file these documents in court, along with an application form and a fee. These documents must be submitted in Arabic.

    Why is Seychelles an easy and better wedding option?

    The stress and uncertainty caused by the paperwork procedure might detract from the beauty of your big day. You might have a simpler time planning a wedding in Seychelles. Seychelles can be an easy wedding alternative for Kuwait expats. If you are an interfaith, multiracial, or non-Muslim expat couple, it is recommended that you marry in a more welcoming country such as Seychelles.

    This wonderful country provides cooperative marriage laws and a quick process. Online weddings are yet another convenient option. The natural beauty and powdery white beaches are only an added benefit.

    Final Verdict on your easy and enchanting Seychelles wedding

    The government of Seychelles is unconcerned with your residence status, religion, or nationality. Your marriage certificate can be registered in Qatar once you are lawfully married. Seychelles is surrounded by deep blue oceans and has a magnificent view and exquisite hotels.

    The gorgeous beaches of Seychelles are ideal for your dream wedding. Not only does Seychelles provide the most beautiful environment for your wedding, but it is also shockingly inexpensive and easy to organize a wedding in Seychelles.

    Are you looking for alternative cheap wedding ideas in Seychelles? If you are an expat residing in Kuwait, our staff is here to assist you.

    Mass wedding in the UAE; what must Kuwait expats know

    Taking part in a mass wedding in the UAE is the warmest way to welcome thousands of its young couples in one place. The gesture of peacefulness and calmness is aroused when they meet your Emirati brothers.It makes you happy to tie the knot in this charismatic environment and feel connected with each other. Except for the UAE nationals, no one can take part in this grand event. No worries at all!

    People like Kuwaiti couples have tons of other alternatives and here you will find out what’s the best ones.

    Marriage process in Kuwait

    Although, a lot of paperwork will need to be filled out if you want to get married in Kuwait. But, still best for Kuwaiti citizens or Muslim expats since all the rules are based on Islamic regulations.

    • Kuwaiti applicants must have a civil ID or a nationality certificate
    • The resident applicant must possess a civil ID or a passport
    • Personal identification and letter from the Executive Committee for illegal residents
    • A determination of heirs is required for widow applicants
    • For a student, dealer, retired, or unemployed husband, a letter from the Public Institution for Social Security is required
    • Certification of divorce for the divorcee
    • Special power of attorney
    • Military spouses need a marriage permit from their employer

    Final thoughts on the mass wedding and other alternatives

    Wedding expenses help couples decide the best way to get married at their chosen destination. In some cases, couples have an urge to celebrate the most important day of life cost-effectively. Some feel comfortable arranging it in their hometown, but some love to look for an affordable place to marry. Georgia or Seychelles are the most apt location for these thoughts of people. Opting the online wedding in some scenarios when their loved ones settled in different countries and are unable to attend their marriages.

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    Is it hard to marry under the Sharia law for mixed couples?

    Kuwait has a religious court system that governs family and personal status law. It is rooted in Sharia law. As of 1984, Kuwait’s family law code governed matters such as divorce, marriage, child custody, and inheritance. 

    To marry under Sharia law for Muslim couples is simpler in Kuwait rather than for mixed couples. This article will provide you with a deep insight into why is it hard to get married under Sharia Law for Muslim ex-pats marrying a non-muslim.

    Regulations to get married under Sharia Law

    For the marriages of international expats under Islamic law, couples may have to submit the following documents, depending on their status at the time.

    • Citizenship or civil ID (for Kuwaiti applicants)
    • Citizenship or civil ID (for resident applicants)
    • Official letter from the executive committee and personal identification (for illegal residents)
    • (For widow applicants) Identification of heirs
    • Public Institution for Social Security official letter (if the husband is a student, a dealer, a retired, or unemployed)
    • Identification of heirs for those whose guardian is deceased.
    • Required divorce certificate 
    • Submit a power of attorney
    • Require Permit to marry from the employer (if the husband is a military man)

    In Kuwait: Final verdict on marriage for mixed couples under Sharia law

    Georgia, or Seychelles, is renowned as a country for the easy-wedding of all expats around the world. Not only to have a simpler marriage process than Kuwait but it is also filled with beautiful romantic locations, which makes it an ideal wedding. Sometimes, couples are entertained with online services for marriage. 

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