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Abortion law in the UAE

Abortion law in the UAE

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Abortion is not allowed in the UAE. The statutes specify that anyone who aborts a child or assists in the abortion of a child commits a criminal act.
Continue reading to learn more about abortion in the United Arab Emirates and our ultimate advice for pregnant women.

Abortion’s Consequences in the UAE

Before we get into the regulations of abortion. Let’s have a look at the repercussions of getting an abortion in the UAE. Anyone who intentionally aborts a pregnant woman by giving her medication or doing any other technique that ends in abortion faces a five-year prison sentence.

Suppose the crime is committed without her permission and the criminal faces seven years in prison. These rules were recently tightened after it was discovered that pregnant women were forced to abort their children, putting them and their newborn babies at risk.

Abortion is illegal in the UAE unless the following conditions are met:

It puts the woman’s life in jeopardy, or there are indications that the baby will be born with fatal defects and will die.

The fetus must be aborted before it reaches the age of 120 days. Which occurs during the 17th week of pregnancy and one week into the second trimester. An authorized medical board must approve the abortion. It is illegal to abort a fetus after 120 days of pregnancy.

Final Recommendation to Couples in the UAE Facing an unexpected pregnancy

It’s a well-known reality that having a child changes many aspects of one’s life. But abortion is not an option in the UAE. As previously said, you have the option of raising the child jointly, as a single parent, or by marrying.

Many couples who have been waiting for the ideal time to say “I do” can now commit to having a happy family while awaiting the birth of their child.

If you’re thinking of getting married but don’t want to have an abortion. Give our legal wedding planners a call and explain your circumstances.

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