Wedding Paperwork For Kuwait Residents

Our wedding packages are customized for the GCC residents. You will receive all the documents & paperwork you need to live in the GCC at the end of the process.

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra


Muslim court wedding package

Starting from 300 KWD /960 USD*

For Muslim Couples

Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate usable in Kuwait and outside.

What is included

  • Legal consultation ✔️
  • Guidance on the steps & requirements ✔️
  • Pre-marital check information ✔️
  • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

A few basic requirements

  • Passport scan copy ✔️
  • UAE/Kuwait resident visa scan copy ✔️
  • Pre-marriage medical examination ✔️
  • Singleness or divorce certificate (if applicable) ✔️
  • Guardian ✔️


  • Airport Drop-off ✔️
  • Document shipping ✔️
  • Proposals ❌
  • Wedding Celebrants ❌
  • Bouquets ❌
  • Photoshoots ❌
  • Musicians ❌

Possible locations

  • Kuwait
  • UAE

Easy Package

Starting from 355 KWD / 1160 USD*

For the cost savers

Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation ❌
  • Prenuptial Agreement ❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • 1 GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ❌
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ❌
  • Taxi & Transportation ❌

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs*✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • After Wedding Support ❌
  • Birth Certificate Support ❌
  • Dinner ❌
  • Tours ❌

Possible Locations

  • Georgia
  • UAE
  • Seychelles
  • Malta

Full Package

Starting from 410 KWD/ 1350 USD*

For the cost savers who love the beach

Our team will take care of all the steps of the process for you until you receive your wedding certificate in the country of your residence.

Before the Wedding

  • Documents Legal Check up & validation ✔️
  • Local register to conduct wedding ceremony at the beach or in the hotel ✔️
  • Legal Covid-19 advice before traveling ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Documents translation ❌
  • Prenuptial agreement ❌
  • Home PCR test services❌
  • Hotel & Accommodation❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • GCC Attestation Stamp ✔️
  • Two wedding certificates in English & Apostille✔️
  • Two authentication letters from the Mofa of Seychelles ✔️
  • Nikah Ceremony ❌
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ❌
  • Transportation to City Hall❌

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs* ✔️
  • Married Or Refunded✔️
  • Airport drop off❌
  • Birth Certificate Support ❌
  • Dinner ❌
  • Tours ❌

Possible locations

  • UAE
  • Seychelles
  • Georgia
  • Malta

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