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How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court if you are an expat in Kuwait

How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court if you are an expat in Kuwait

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Statistics show that expats constitute up to 70% of the entire population in Kuwait. Most of the people in this country are there for work-related purposes. So, when they wish to take a break from their jobs to celebrate weddings and parties, they might decide to visit the UAE which is a tourist attraction.

The Abu Dhabi court is ready to help expats tie the knot. They initiated a new law in 2021 to help non-Muslim couples. In the course of this discussion, we will be able to examine how to marry in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait expats can tap from these.

What documents does the marriage court demand from couples?

The marriage court in Abu Dhabi only stipulates that couples bring documents that stipulate their ages, identities, and qualification for marriage. In that light, the following documents are deemed necessary:

  1. Passport documents
  2. Emirates ID if they reside in Abu Dhabi or other emirates
  3. Divorce judgment or death certificate if they had been married before

Sequel to the above-stated, brides must consent to the marriage and both parties should be up to the age of 18. The court does not also wed people who share blood relations. So, the couple must take note of all of these.

How easy is a wedding in the Abu Dhabi court?

How easy a wedding in the Abu Dhabi court turns out for the couple depends largely on their readiness. The court does not delay its processes and many couples in the past concluded their wedding within three weeks or less. Friends and family are free to accompany the couple when they wish to get their certificates.

A wedding in the Abu Dhabi court is fast and quite simple to process. Once couples complete the process and receive their certificate, they are advised to notarize it. This will typically complete the notarization step.

If you are an expat couple who wants to marry in the Abu Dhabi court, book a consultation with our wedding team for more detailed guidance. Couples who use their help receive quality help.

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