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Legal & Full Wedding Package

This wedding package includes everything you need if you are planning to get married and live in Kuwait soon.

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Before Wedding

✔️ Passport translation

There is nothing worse than waiting for hours at a notary to realize that you do not have the translation the way you needed it. Our team gets all documents ready before you actually reach the place. What could be better?

✔️ Wedding Paperwork

Getting the wedding paperwork is more tricky than it looks like. If you are looking for getting it done in no time and in a proper way, we do it all. From getting an appointment to receiving the document, we are here for you.

✔️ Legal Consultation

Our team is here to understand and find simple solutions for you.

✔️ Prenuptial Agreement

Life has its own way. When it comes to the international weddings & couples, it makes sense to agree on how you will handle your marriage. Our team can help you setup your own agreement.

✔️ Airport Pick Up

We bet on anything the last thing you want to do arriving is to get ripped off by the local taxi drivers. Let us take care of it, one of our team members will be waiting for you in a safe and sanitized car.

❌ Hotel & Accommodation

From exclusive experiences to affordable options, our team can help you find the options matching your needs in the best way.

❌ Flight

Thanks to our partnerships with FlyDubai, AirArabia and other airlines, we can help you to find the best travel deal  from any of the GCC countries to your wedding destination.

Wedding Day

✔️ Civil wedding Booking

Depending on your luck, you may end up in the situation where there is no available time slots for you to get married. Let us handle it for you. We will make sure to get it done on time!

✔️ Witnesses

There is no wedding without witnesses. From getting your friends onboard to getting our team coming with you, we will make sure that all goes smooth.

✔️ Document Translation

You will get your wedding certificate translated into English. Other languages can be added as an extra.

✔️ 1 GCC Attestation Stamp

Every GCC country has its own rules & processes. Thanks to our local presence and years of experience, we will get your wedding registered in any of the embassies:  UAE, Oman, Saudi (KSA), Qatar or Bahrain. 

Kuwait is charged extra as their embassy is in Armenia.

✔️ Two wedding certificates in English & Apostille

Apostille documents are legal in all the countries that are an existing members of the Hague convention. However some countries may require some more validations. 

✔️ Extra Embassy Legalization

Every country & nationality has their own rules & processes. Thanks to our experience and local presence in Georgia & the GCC we are now able to legalize your documents in 97% of the cases. For the missing 3% we will find the way!

✔️ Transportation to the Wedding Venue

What could possibly be more annoying than reaching your wedding destination and having no idea of the taxi fares. From picking you up at the airport to driving you around the country – we are there for you. You may find cheaper rates, but there is no way you’ll find the same quality of service!

After Wedding

✔️ Documents shipping

As soon as your documents are ready we will make sure that you can receive then in any country. We work with the main courrier carriers to deliver you your documents in 100% of the cases.

✔️ GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The very last step to make your wedding certificate 100% legal and valid in the GCC is to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp in the respective country. Why don’t you enjoy your new marital status and let our team take care of it?*

✔️ After Wedding Support

As you can imagine, a wedding is not necessarily something easy and even less when it comes to legal documents. Our team will make sure to provide you even after you received all the documents. 

✔️ Airport Drop Off

To flight back home safe and sound!

🎁 Married or Refunded

Sometimes life does not go the way we want. If for whatsoever reason, we can’t get you married, you will get a  100% refund. 

🎁 Birth Certificate Support

When the life of a little one comes into place, there is no room for mistakes. Let us help you make sure you can peacefully deliver your baby in the country of your residence! We will not provide the birth certificate, but we will give you all the information you need.

🎁 Dinner

Our wedding destinatioins are home to thousands of years of culinary experience. Let us make your wedding the happiest feast you have ever had!

🎁 Tours

 Seychelles is one of the most visited countries. And there is a reason for it! Let us book for you a tour that will turn your wedding into the best experience ever! After all it only happens once in a lifetime.

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

This offer is made for people with a complicated situation & a short timeline.

The complicated situation means that both of you you are from different countries and/ or religions. One of you could have already been married, or still be married, and you may also be expecting a little one. This is what we call a complicated situation.

The GCC is home to people from every single country. This means that this incredible melting pot has a very unique mix of nationalities, situations & religions. This package is made with love to solve your current situation on a short timeline!

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Wedding venues

Choose from our handpicked selection of venues in Georgia, Seychelles, Dubai, Malta & more. Other venues are also available as an extra.

Most common questions
Comparing easy wedding Dubai and other choices for Kuwait expats

Dubai is an economic hub that attracts visitors due to its oil reserves. This rich country is situated in the Gulf and has strong neighbors. The main religion practiced here is Islam and it guides many aspects of daily living.

Dubai is liberal so expats can conduct their businesses without problems. However, social activities like marriage might be difficult for non-Muslims. This article will consider what Kuwait expats can expect in Dubai. Georgia is also considered as an alternative.

How a wedding is conducted in Dubai

A religious marriage ceremony is held for Muslims in accordance with the Sharia law. This marriage requires the bride to agree to the marriage before the procedures commence. Also, the bride’s father and two witnesses must be present on the day when the marriage is to hold.

At least one of the persons who wish to marry should hold an emirates ID. The couple should also tender documents like passports, their emirates ID, and birth/divorce certificates before the Dubai Courts Service Centre.

Non-Muslims who want to marry are to use their churches, temples, and embassies. If they desire a civil marriage, the Family court in Abu Dhabi can officiate the marriage. This will require some traveling.

Concluding remarks on the easy wedding Dubai choice for Kuwait expats

How easy a wedding will turn out to be for Kuwait expat couples in Dubai depends on their religion. Muslims have it smoother compared to others. Therefore, non-Muslim couples might want to turn to destinations like Georgia that do not have difficult marriage terms. Georgia does not place a bar on religion or ethnicity.

Anybody can marry in Georgia with just their passports, birth certificates, and completed marriage application form. If they were married before, they need to present their divorce certificate or the death certificate of the late partner.

Having gotten some idea of what a marriage in Georgia entails, you might want to know more about the best locations and cost. Book a consultation with our team of experts who will direct you aright.

Expat marriage in UAE VS Kuwait marriage

Over Valentine’s weekend, Abu Dhabi makes history by marrying several couples under the new personal laws. This is the first civil law in the UAE to address non-Muslim family concerns.

Read the whole article and learn more about weddings in Kuwait and in UAE, which is a better and fast option.


If you want to marry in Kuwait, you will need to fill out a lot of paperwork, which will take time and effort.

  • Civil ID or nationality certificate for Kuwaiti applicants
  • Civil ID or passport for resident applicants
  • Letter from the Executive Committee and the personal identification for illegal resident applicants
  • Determination of heirs for widow applicants
  • Letter from the Public Institution for Social Security, if the husband is a student, a dealer, a retired, or unemployed
  • Divorce certification for the divorcee
  • Special power of attorney
  • Marriage permit from the employer, if the husband is a military man


The new rule regulates the family concerns of expats and foreigners and allows tourists to finalize civil marriage contracts in Abu Dhabi. Under the country’s civil law, non-Muslims are permitted to marry, divorce, and have shared child custody. Non-Muslims in the UAE had to marry in the embassy or consulate of their home country.




Foreigners can now marry in the UAE. We recommend speaking with a legal expert who can assist you in getting married with the proper documentation and paperwork.

If you want to learn more about marriage in the UAE for foreigners, schedule a call with our team

Newborn birth certificate in Abu Dhabi – Tips for Kuwait parents

The UAE has been revising its laws in order to portray itself as a modernizing force in a traditionally conservative region, with foreigners accounting for 90 percent of the country’s population of nearly ten million people.

According to WAM, the move “contributes to Abu Dhabi’s standing as a global leading destination for skills and experience from throughout the world.”


Abu Dhabi recently announced civil marriages for non-Muslims in the UAE. However, the exact conditions are still unknown at this time.

This is a significant step forward for the UAE, as civil marriages are uncommon in the Middle East, the birthplace of Islam. Marriages between Christians and Jews are traditionally performed under the authority of one of the three monotheistic religions.

Having said that, a Canadian couple became the first to marry in Abu Dhabi under a new rule governing non-Muslims’ personal status, according to the official WAM news agency.


The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi has announced that birth certificates for babies can be issued online through the “TAMM” platform. In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Government Services platform.

Parents of newborns will receive communication from the hospital facility following the birth of their child. They will not be notified of the registration and login processes until later.

They’ll be directed to submit the necessary documents and pay the necessary fees in order to obtain the certificate.

The online service is available to anyone who requires certificates for past birth dates issued by the emirate’s hospitals.


While the government has opened doors and made life simpler for overseas couples, this is not always this way. Every couple is in a unique situation, and they may not have all of the necessary paperwork and documentation.

It’s a good idea to use an agency, which has handled expat couple marriages and UAE newborn visa cases.

If you want your newborn documentation to go as smoothly as possible, schedule a consultation with our legal team.

How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court and obtain a valid certificate for the home country

When couples aim at destination weddings, they also want their home countries to recognize their marriage certificates. So, expat couples should know how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court and obtain a valid certificate for their home country.

Validation is very important because it shows that the couple has satisfied all the requirements for marriage. This article explains the right steps that Kuwait expats should take when they want to validate their Abu Dhabi marriage.

Steps to obtaining a valid marriage certificate in Abu Dhabi

The specific measures that couples must take to obtain a valid certificate will now be deliberated on. These have been itemized for better comprehension.

  1. First, the couple has to get some essential documents which are basically:
  • Passports
  • Emirate’s ID (if they live and work in UAE)
  • Birth certificates
  • Proof that shows that there is no second marriage. These include the death certificate of a late spouse or the divorce certificate from a former union.

2. The next step on how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court is to submit these documents to the Family Court in Abu Dhabi for processing. The couple will then be invited to the court for their marriage ceremony where they will be issued a marriage certificate.

3. Finally, the validation and authentication of the issued certificate will happen at the national embassy of the couple.

Abu Dhabi as a premium marriage service provider

The choice of where to marry is a personal decision that couples must make for themselves. Couples who chose Abu Dhabi will obtain valid marriage certificates. It also affords couples who live in the Middle East, the opportunity to explore another region.

One other prime fact to note about marriage in Abu Dhabi is that the standards and requirements of the marriage court are easy to attain. Couples who plan a wedding in Abu Dhabi will benefit from the speed and outstanding service.

If you think that a wedding in Abu Dhabi gives you the desired value, book a consultation with our wedding team. They will work with you to find the best plan.

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