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Wedding in Dubai 2022 - How does its price compare to Kuwait?

Wedding in Dubai 2022 – How does its price compare to Kuwait?

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Dubai is synonymous with luxury and a wedding in this destination is also expensive. In fact, this country competes with the top wedding destinations in the world in terms of luxury. This is why a 2022 wedding in Dubai might appeal to many expats.

Kuwait is another Arab nation that shares the same territory as Dubai. Some expats might want to compare marriage costs in the two destinations. This text will provide an overview of the costs of a 2022 wedding in Dubai and Kuwait. Seychelles as another ample choice will be considered.

Weddings in Dubai and Kuwait for expats

A civil wedding in Dubai is meant for Muslim couples who live in the emirate. Non-Muslims also marry in this emirate but it is either a ceremonial marriage in their preferred religious houses or a civil marriage in their embassies.

In terms of cost, Dubai is a more expensive place to marry compared to Kuwait. Essentially, this boils down to the couple’s budget. But some of the factors that could consume funds include;

  1. The costs of marriage registration
  2. Transportation of friends and relatives to the country
  3. Organizing and setting up a venue
  4. Entertainment and refreshment

A research by a reputable Dubai newspaper gives the estimated cost of some of these as follows:

Food: Dh38,175

Venue: Dh28,960

Drinks Dh16,370

Videography: Dh4,600

Decoration: Dh2,770

Cake: Dh2,565

Total cost: Dh93,450

Khaleej Times, 2022

These things are basic for all weddings but they may cost more because celebrants might come from different cultures and require unique services.

Affordable wedding alternative for 2022 Kuwait couples

The breathtaking island of Seychelles is an affordable wedding destination. It combines the benefits of a beautiful environment and easy wedding options. If a couple loves the UAE and Kuwait but desires other affordable choices, Seychelles might be the answer.

A wedding in Seychelles will leave the couple and their guests entertained and pleased. They get to enjoy a nice environment and conclude their wedding process in the shortest time possible.

Does the idea of a wedding in Seychelles seem like a good one to you? Book a consultation with our experienced wedding team for further guidance.

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