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The New Abu Dhabi marriage law is good news for Kuwait expats

The New Abu Dhabi marriage law is good news for Kuwait expats – Find out how

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Liberalism has been taken a step further in the UAE and Kuwait citizens who wish to get married in the renowned nation can benefit from the law. This new marriage law is primarily meant for non-Muslims.                                           

Though the Kuwait population mainly consists of Muslims there are also native Bahá’í and Christian citizens. Many expatriates also reside in the country. UAE is a hub for tourism and leisure so expatriates from nearby countries like Kuwait might want to visit the nation.

Prerequisites for marriage under the new law

The new law is very simple and uncomplicated as the documents required for its completion are easily obtainable. All that is really needed is a passport, the marriage application form, a license fee, and proof of the annulment of a former marriage.

Unlike the sharia marriage where a guardian will stand for the bride, no such requirement will be needed for the non-Muslim bride. Furthermore, the marriage application form can be completed online. So, no matter where the couple resides, they can fill out the form and complete the physical proceedings on arrival in the country.

Validity of the certificate

Once the marriage has been legalized in Abu Dhabi, they are issued a certificate in the Arabian and English forms. This can be tendered in any part of the world because of its originality. 

A family court has been dedicated to foreigners, so, if they desire other formalities like the prenuptial agreement, they will be free to do so. Although it is not desired, conflicts might arise in the future and such matters can be treated in the civil court. Islamic laws will not be applied to such marriages.

Further help for couples who wish to marry under the new Abu Dhabi Marriage Law

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