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Saudi joins the HCCH Apostille Convention - Prospects for Kuwait expats

Saudi joins the HCCH Apostille Convention – Prospects for Kuwait expats

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There are 122 countries around the world that belong to the Hague Apostille convention. The aim of this organization is to ensure that the countries find a common ground for their legal processes. Kuwait does not belong to the convention but Saudi Arabia has joined this HCCH Apostille convention.

Since Kuwait and Saudi belong to the same continent and are part of the GCC countries, this is important news for Kuwait expats. This article examines the latest update on Saudi joining the Hague convention and what this means for expats in Kuwait.

What it means for Saudi to join the HCCH Apostille convention

Since Saudi has joined the Hague Apostille convention, it means that when legal documents from Apostille countries are tendered before the embassy, they will not have to undergo a second round of validation. The fees that are attached to the legalization of these documents will also be bypassed.

This is a sharp contrast with what has been the case over the years. The new agreement goes into full effect on December 2022. The development shows that more Middle East countries are now showing more interest in becoming part of the Hague Convention.

Highlights of Saudi joining the Hague Apostille Convention

Thus far, we have seen that the development of the new agreement in Saudi Arabia is a good one. Foreign public documents can now be moved with more ease and reduced costs. Visitors that have documents such as these have one less worry when visiting Saudi Arabia.

Expats from Kuwait who have documents from Apostille nations now have more positive prospects. This news is a delight to many.

Presently, we do not have more information on how Saudi joining the Apostille Convention will affect couples who marry in Apostille nations outside Saudi. We will avail you with more details when there is a new development.

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