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Pregnancy out of marriage: Using Kuwait as a case study

Pregnancy out of marriage: Using Kuwait as a case study

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If you are wondering if pregnancy out of marriage in Kuwait is illegal; then yes it is. A woman who delivers in a hospital without being married can face jail time, and this can lead to deportation. The children also suffer abandonment, illegitimacy, amongst others.

This article will therefore give you an insight about the abortion laws in Kuwait and our ultimate advice for women in this situation.

Abortion law in Kuwait

Abortion laws in Kuwait can lead to jail time and the revoking of medical licenses of those involved in them. Even those selling abortion pills are not left out. However, there are exceptions to this which include the following;

  • If the woman and/or the baby’s lives are in danger,
  • The woman’s mental health,
  • The woman’s physical health,
  • Known birth defect.
  • If any of the above mentioned must be the cause of carrying out and abortion, the pregnancy must be less than four months and must be approved by three specialists.

Possible solutions for pregnancy out of marriage in Kuwait

The best way out is to get married. It’s either having a destination wedding in beautiful countries like Georgia or Seychelles, or having an online wedding in a case where your partner is not in the same country where you reside.

It is important to note that without your marriage license, you cannot enjoy prenatal health insurance, also, you cannot get a birth certificate for your child.

In conclusion, which ever option you are going for, you can contact us to go with you all the way and get your legal marriage license in the easiest way.

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