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Let’s find out what’s happening in mass wedding UAE

Mass wedding in the UAE; what must Kuwait expats know

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Taking part in a mass wedding in the UAE is the warmest way to welcome thousands of its young couples in one place. The gesture of peacefulness and calmness is aroused when they meet your Emirati brothers.It makes you happy to tie the knot in this charismatic environment and feel connected with each other. Except for the UAE nationals, no one can take part in this grand event. No worries at all!

People like Kuwaiti couples have tons of other alternatives and here you will find out what’s the best ones.

Marriage process in Kuwait

Although, a lot of paperwork will need to be filled out if you want to get married in Kuwait. But, still best for Kuwaiti citizens or Muslim expats since all the rules are based on Islamic regulations.

  • Kuwaiti applicants must have a civil ID or a nationality certificate
  • The resident applicant must possess a civil ID or a passport
  • Personal identification and letter from the Executive Committee for illegal residents
  • A determination of heirs is required for widow applicants
  • For a student, dealer, retired, or unemployed husband, a letter from the Public Institution for Social Security is required
  • Certification of divorce for the divorcee
  • Special power of attorney
  • Military spouses need a marriage permit from their employer

Final thoughts on the mass wedding and other alternatives

Wedding expenses help couples decide the best way to get married at their chosen destination. In some cases, couples have an urge to celebrate the most important day of life cost-effectively. Some feel comfortable arranging it in their hometown, but some love to look for an affordable place to marry. Georgia or Seychelles are the most apt location for these thoughts of people. Opting the online wedding in some scenarios when their loved ones settled in different countries and are unable to attend their marriages.

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