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Impact of Abortion Laws in US VS Kuwait

Impact of Abortion Laws in US VS Kuwait

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Interested in knowing what is the new abortion law in US? You have come at right place. In US, American women have commenced strike against the ban in termination of pregnancy. They have a perspective of it’s our right whatever we do with our bodies. While in Kuwait, the abortion ban law has been enacted since ages. Now, this time turn over to unprejudiced state like US.

Let’s shed a light on what impact has come up in US after declaration of abortion ban?

Current Abortion laws in US

Currently, 21 states in the Midwest and South have legislation banning abortion. Abortion is legally accessible in some cities of US such as California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont.

In Alaska, New Jersey and New Mexico Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws are different which allowed only physicians to performed termination of embryo. Additionally, in Hawaii, Washington, and Maine the gestation ban is set at 24 weeks, and parental consent is required for termination. From 1970, abortion has been legal in New York and decriminalized it according to 2019 law “Reproductive Health Act” and it doesn’t require any parental consent.

There have been many other states which strictly illegalized abortion and made laws for example in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana etc.

In these states, abortion is banned at or around 20 weeks, as it is illegal to undergo the procedure after that time.

What abortion laws in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, abortion laws are very strict if you are carrying an unwanted pregnancy. Its only legally permissible in 2 conditions when gestation period is only 17 weeks are as follows:

  • Risk to mother’s health
  • Fetal anomalies

While it is illegal in these conditions

  • Your pregnancy is a result of an immoral act like rape/incest. 
  • You are pregnant out of wedlock
  • Contraceptives
  • Social pressure
  • economic pressure
  • intellectual and cognitive disability of women

Ones who have a intention to abort a child shall be punished of 5 years in jail or fine of upto 5000 rupees in Kuwait.

Final Judgment:

According to the Supreme Court new laws on June 24,202 of abortion in US provides safety to the pregnant women. Keep in mind, those ladies who have babies without marriage can go on with online wedding  for ones can’t travel during gestational  period. Better to apply in Georgia and Seychelles due to less hectic process of getting marriage certificate as compared to other states.

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