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Getting married as a Dubai expat Vs Kuwait: for Non Muslim couple

Getting married as a Dubai expat Vs Kuwait: for Non Muslim couple

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A wedding is a crucial decision in life. If you are an expat living in Dubai or Kuwait, understanding wedding laws is necessary. In this blog, we compare having a wedding as a Dubai expat Vs a Kuwait expat So, if you are looking for an expat marriage in these countries, this blog is for you.

Dubai Wedding Expats: requirement for non-Muslim Marriage

If you are a Non-Muslim living in Dubai, you need to register your Marriage at your country’s embassy. However, a Christian expat can get married in any church in Dubai. They can later register their Marriage in their respective embassy or consulate.

Criteria for Dubai Wedding Expats:

  • The wedding couples must be 18 years or above in age.
  • They must have two witnesses for the marriage ceremony.
  • Copies of the passport, birth certificate, and valid ID proofs of the couples are other necessities.
  • Couples also need to submit the legal divorce agreement (if both or one of them is a divorcee).
  • Couples need to submit the death certificate of the ex-spouse if applicable.

Kuwait Wedding Expats: requirements for non-Muslim Marriage

For non-Muslim in Kuwait, marriage laws are strict. Kuwait follows the Sharia law for Marriage. So a non-Muslim man cannot marry a Muslim woman in Kuwait. He needs to accept Islam before marrying a Muslim woman. However, a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman. Again, the woman must be a Christian or a Jewish to marry a Muslim Man.  

Document required for expats marriage in Kuwait:

  • Passport or civil ID for resident applicants
  • Nationality certificate or Civil Id for Kuwait applicants
  • Personal identification and the letter from the executive committee for illegal residents
  • If the would-be groom is not earning, a letter from Public Institution for Social Security is essential.
  • Divorce certificate for divorcees
  • Marriage permits from the employer for the military personnel.

But, you can hire a wedding consultant in Dubai or Kuwait to get rid of the pain of legal formalities before Marriage. The wedding consultant will help you at every step of your hassle-free happy marriage event.

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