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Easy and reliable wedding solutions for Kuwait expats

Easy and reliable wedding solutions for Kuwait expats

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Wedding planning may be a stressful affair, and it can be tough to keep track of all the details. Particularly if you are marrying in Kuwait. The country’s wedding process is lengthy and time-consuming, so you may have to wait longer than intended. In this article we will discuss several options so you can have an easy wedding process in Kuwait.

Wedding requirements in Kuwait

If you are an expat wishing to get married in Kuwait, you will need to satisfy a list of requirements for your marriage to be legally recognized. These can vary according to your residence status:

  • For expatriates, a civil ID or a passport is required.
  • For illegal resident applications, the Executive Committee letter and personal identity are required.
  • Choosing heirs for widow applicants
  • If the husband is a student, a dealer, retired, or jobless, he will receive a letter from the Social Security Administration.
  • If the guardian dies, the heirs are determined.
  • The divorcee’s divorce certification
  • Power of attorney
  • If the husband is a member of the military, the employer will provide a marriage license.

Easy wedding alternatives to getting married in Kuwait

If we keep the daunting registration process aside, Kuwait provides a range of excellent and regal wedding venues for your wedding day. You have an assortment of options from local wedding halls to international hotels like Hilton offering beachfront locations. Reservation for these venues can be difficult to procure and afford for several expats. This usually pushes some expats to turn to their home countries for their dream weddings. Other Kuwait expats opt for destination weddings in countries with easy wedding procedures like Georgia or Seychelles.

How can Kuwait expats wed in Georgia?

Georgia is quickly becoming a popular wedding destination, thanks to its breathtaking scenery and world-class restaurants. Whether you prefer the Black Sea coast, the understated majesty of Tbilisi, or the snowy peaks, one thing is certain: your wedding will be truly magical. All of this with the added benefit of an easy wedding procedure for Kuwait expats makes Georgia a perfect location. All you need to provide is:

  • Joint written application
  • Passports for the bride and the groom
  • 2 witnesses
  • A document certifying the termination of a previous marriage.

Is having a wedding in Seychelles an option for Kuwait expats?

Absolutely! The Seychelles Islands have been named the World’s Most Romantic Destination for their breathtaking beauty. You have the opportunity to plan your perfect wedding on the glittering shores of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by white sandy beaches. The government of Seychelles is very accommodating to couples of all races and religions. This is a major pro for Kuwait expats tying the knot with their partners of different religions or nationalities. The only documents you have to submit to the Civil Status Office are a valid passport and birth certificate. If you are divorced or widowed, the evidence must be produced, such as a deed for change of name or a death certificate, as applicable.

Online wedding route for Kuwait expats

If you and your partner are currently located in different countries, it is possible to have a legal wedding online. Since Kuwait operates under Sharia law it is not possible to live with your partner unless you are married. An online wedding is a perfect solution to this. It is also, very wallet-friendly and you can always have a beautiful destination wedding celebration for your reception. The paperwork required for an online wedding varies based on your or your partner’s place of residence. This process will be a snap if one of you resides in a country with flexible marriage laws.

Final verdict

With all these wonderful options, it eventually comes down to the bride and groom to make the final decision. There could be several factors influencing your decision like budgets, venues, or simply the desire to have your dream wedding. Nothing should hold you back from being with your partner.

We suggest you explore all your options for an easy wedding as an expat in Kuwait. To discuss more, reach out to one of our experts!

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