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Court wedding in dubai for pakistanis

Court wedding in Dubai for Pakistanis- What is obtainable?

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Kuwait is home to individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities. Among these are Pakistanis who might be there for work-related reasons. Usually, Dubai is the first choice when they think of marriage.

This option is good but it is important that they also consider the conditions for marriage. After the evaluation, they will know if the conditions align with their expectations. This article will examine the requirements for a court wedding in Dubai. Alternatives like Georgia and Seychelles will also be highlighted.


First, it is important to note that Pakistanis in Dubai who are not Muslims will marry at their churches or temples. The certificate obtained from these institutions is first translated to Arabic and certified by the Public Notary at the Dubai courts. 

Next, the Ministry of Justice attests to the documents. Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs authenticates the documents.

To conduct their marriage in any of the preferred institutions, the couple will need; 

  • Three witnesses
  • Passport, Visas, and Resident permits
  • Passport photographs
  • A pre-marriage medical certificate obtained from any of the recognized public health facilities
  • Birth certificates
  • Death and Divorce certificates (from previous marriages)


The court wedding route for marriage in Dubai is exerting and many couples might not have the patience for the long processes. Faster routes for marriage include Seychelles and Georgia. So, there are no hindrances here as the laws allow the couple to wed in the national courts.

Marriage is sealed faster since the national laws of these countries do not have many restrictions. Most importantly, the process can be completed in two weeks.

Are you keen on exploring the options of Seychelles or Georgia for marriage? More information will be at your disposal after you arrange a consultation with our team of wedding experts.

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