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Easy wedding Dubai- An alternative for Kuwait expats

Comparing easy wedding Dubai and other choices for Kuwait expats

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Dubai is an economic hub that attracts visitors due to its oil reserves. This rich country is situated in the Gulf and has strong neighbors. The main religion practiced here is Islam and it guides many aspects of daily living.

Dubai is liberal so expats can conduct their businesses without problems. However, social activities like marriage might be difficult for non-Muslims. This article will consider what Kuwait expats can expect in Dubai. Georgia is also considered as an alternative.

How a wedding is conducted in Dubai

A religious marriage ceremony is held for Muslims in accordance with the Sharia law. This marriage requires the bride to agree to the marriage before the procedures commence. Also, the bride’s father and two witnesses must be present on the day when the marriage is to hold.

At least one of the persons who wish to marry should hold an emirates ID. The couple should also tender documents like passports, their emirates ID, and birth/divorce certificates before the Dubai Courts Service Centre.

Non-Muslims who want to marry are to use their churches, temples, and embassies. If they desire a civil marriage, the Family court in Abu Dhabi can officiate the marriage. This will require some traveling.

Concluding remarks on the easy wedding Dubai choice for Kuwait expats

How easy a wedding will turn out to be for Kuwait expat couples in Dubai depends on their religion. Muslims have it smoother compared to others. Therefore, non-Muslim couples might want to turn to destinations like Georgia that do not have difficult marriage terms. Georgia does not place a bar on religion or ethnicity.

Anybody can marry in Georgia with just their passports, birth certificates, and completed marriage application form. If they were married before, they need to present their divorce certificate or the death certificate of the late partner.

Having gotten some idea of what a marriage in Georgia entails, you might want to know more about the best locations and cost. Book a consultation with our team of experts who will direct you aright.

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