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Choosing the right marriage option for Easy-wedding Qatar Expats VS Kuwait

Choosing the right marriage option for Easy-wedding Qatar Expats VS Kuwait

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Conducting a marriage in Kuwait will be difficult for individuals from multicultural nationalities. The same happens in Qatar due to its lengthy paperwork. People living in these countries are usually looking up to less hectic marriage conditions, especially when you want to marry other nationals.

Who else wants to confront these hard obstacles of wedlock? Why not choose the other best alternatives for executing marriage in a relaxed mode.

Marriage Situation in Qatar For Expats:

Mostly in Qatar, people move there for employment and they come under quite a tough situation for marriage. For instance, if you are a non-Muslim, then you will submit a letter of the sponsor before marriage. Also, check the respective embassy in your country whether you legalize this marriage in your hometown or not. All these processes are longer for expats and the best fit for ones who do not want to delay their marriage.

Marriage Conditions To Follow in Kuwait:

Based on their status at the time of marriage, couples may need to submit these documents in court for their marriage.

  • (For Kuwaiti applicants) Civil ID or nationality certificate
  • For resident applicants, either a civil ID or a passport is required
  • Personal identification and letter from the Executive Committee (for illegal immigrants)
  • Identifying heirs (for widows)
  • Social Security letter (from a public institution where the husband is unemployed, a student, a dealer, or retired)
  • In the case of a deceased guardian, determining heirs is vital
  • Certification of divorce (in the case of divorcees)
  • Authorization for special powers of attorney
  • A marriage permit from the husband’s employer (if he is a member of the military)

Expats Facing Obstacles For marriage:

Before getting married in Kuwait, expats will need to present a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) as proof that they have never been married before or that their previous marriage has been legally terminated. Obtaining these certificates requires a visit to the embassy. You must notify the embassy before 21 days of marriage. Keep in mind, that only Sunday and Wednesday are available for Civil weddings and in the Ministry of Justice Building.

There will be an Arabic application form to fill out and a face-to-face meeting with the judge. Kuwait will grant you legal marriage status once the formalities are completed. In order to be accepted by your embassy, you must have the translation and attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Despite undergoing these complicated procedures of marriage, let’s make it beautiful with our helping team.

Words of Advice for expats looking for an easy wedding solution:

If you and your partner belong to a different race or ethnicity, and don’t want to stress out. Relax yourself and avail the best opportunities for a paperwork wedding in one of the many destinations. All expats who have settled in GCC countries can pick Georgia, Seychelles or UAE as their preferable choices. Online weddings are perfect for some couples who make your marriage cost-effective. 

Living in Qatar or Kuwait as an expat brings hurdles during the marriage process. Schedule the appointment today with our highly trained easy-wedding team!

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