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Comparing easy wedding Bahrain for Kuwait expats and a valid alternative like Georgia

Choosing Easy wedding solutions in Kuwait Vs Bahrain for expats

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Oil-rich Bahrain and Kuwait are common destinations for many expats. These countries also hold out appealing prospects to visitors. It is recommended for foreigners in these countries to learn all about their culture and marital requirements.

Bahrain and Kuwait respect traditions and follow the law when sealing marriages. In the course of this article, the procedures for marriage in Bahrain and Kuwait will be discussed. Georgia as a valid alternative will also be highlighted.

Marriage Procedures in Bahrain and Kuwait

The marital process in Bahrain and Kuwait require the couple to have some important documents prior to the court marriage. Some of the important documents that they must bring include:

  • Residence ID
  • Passports
  • Letter of approval from an employer
  • Results of a medical fitness test

Marriage in these countries require that at least one of the parties should reside in the Kingdom. Also, the parties have to agree to the marriage. Dowry payment is another important tradition that couples must fulfill.

Why should foreign expats choose Georgia for marriage?

Muslim expats can have an easy wedding in Bahrain and Kuwait. However, non-Muslim expats can opt for Georgia because of its simple methods for marriage. The process is expedient and comes with very minimal effort.

With just the consent of the couple and a few legal requirements, a marriage in Georgia can be concluded. Also, Georgia welcomes all foreigners regardless of their nationalities and religions. Finally, all marriage certificates obtained from Georgia will be recognized in any part of the world.

Expats who want an easy wedding can consider Georgia as a worthy substitute. Book a consultation with our team of wedding professionals.

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