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Easy wedding for expats in Oman vs Kuwait

Can Oman expats get married in Kuwait easily?

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The wedding day is one of the most awaited days of any couple’s life. The laws of most GCC countries, just like Oman are complicated. Kuwait, just like Oman is governed by Sharia law. This makes it more difficult for non-Muslim or interfaith couples to get married.

In this article; we shed light if you are choosing Kuwait as your wedding destination as an Oman residents and your other alternatives

Easy wedding options in Kuwait for Oman expats

  • Civil ID/Passport for residents
  • Letter from the Executive Committee and the personal identification (for illegal resident applicant)
  • Determination of heirs for widow applicants
  • Letter from Public Institution for Social security (if the groom is a student/retired/unemployed)
  • Determination of heirs (the if guardian is deceased)
  • Proof of divorce
  • Power of attorney
  • Marriage permit (if the groom is employed in the military)
  • The presence of the bride’s guardian is essential
  • Two witnesses are required

This extended list of documents is required in order to have a legal wedding in Kuwait. These documents will be filled in the court along with the application form (completed in Arabic) and fee to legalize the marriage.

Final verdict on an easy wedding for Oman expats

Getting married in Kuwait, especially for a non-Muslim couple or an interfaith couple is nearly Impossible according to law. The stress and confusion brought upon by the documentation process can steal the magic from your special day. The best option for you as an expat in any of the GCC countries is to consider getting married online. Georgia and Seychelles are two countries that can also ease the wedding process for you. These countries can offer easy wedding options for Oman expats.

Both Georgia and Seychelles offer minimal documentation for the legal registration of a marriage. Furthermore, the residency status or your religion and nationality are the least of their concerns. Once you are legally married, your marriage certificate can be registered in Oman.

If you still have questions, contact a wedding consultant to help ease your way to your happy ever after.

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