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Can Kuwait couples get married in UAE on a visit visa?

Can Kuwait couples get married in UAE on a visit visa?

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If you’re an expat living in Kuwait, you’ve probably noticed how strict the regulations are. Among many countries that offer a lot more flexibility, the UAE is one of the easiest places to get things done.

From relocating to starting your own business. Even if you already live in UAE, getting married there is less of a challenge now than it used to be before. Kuwait residents can now escape the strict laws and get married in the UAE.

Continue reading and find out what works best in your situation.

Things to Know About Getting Married in the UAE on a Visit Visa

Getting married in the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi, can be done by formally registering their relationship by being married in court. A couple may choose to have their legal status as a civil partnership after a court marriage.

The two parties must meet the requirements, which include having no blood ties to one another, in order to be legally wed in Abu Dhabi. A couple gains additional obligations and particular legal rights through a court marriage at the Abu Dhabi Court.

Conditions where a Visit Visa Can Work for a Wedding

  • Both parties must give their approval.
  • There must be a minimum age of 18 for both parties.
  • The parties must not be first- or second-degree relatives.
  • The parties cannot already be married to someone else.

Other than UAE nationals, anyone can apply for a civil marriage according to the new Abu Dhabi laws.

Concluding marriage in the UAE on Visit Visa

To apply for a civil union, you don’t have to live in the United Arab Emirates. No matter where they reside, tourists can get married hassle free in a civil ceremony.

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