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All Kuwailt expats should know about a civil wedding in the UAE

All Kuwait expats should know about a civil wedding in the UAE

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Sharia marriage is quite common in many GCC countries and many expats find the civil marriage requirements to be hard to fulfill. But the UAE is one country that has easy civil wedding procedures. Since it is close by, expats from other GCC countries can marry there.

When they plan to use the UAE as their wedding destination, expats should also remember to prepare their documents. This article has condensed the list of documents so that couples from Kuwait and other countries can view them at a glance.

Principal documents for a wedding in the UAE

The most important documents that couples who wish to marry in the UAE should present before the court are:

  • Passports
  • Completed marriage application forms
  • Death or divorce certificates to show that there is no existing marriage.
  • Emirate’s ID if any of them possesses this.

Civil marriage in the UAE does not have the same requirements as Sharia marriage. For instance, there is no need for a premarital medical screening result. Also, consent from guardians is not mandatory.

The express wedding in Abu Dhabi happens within 24 hours so couples who seek a fast alternative can go for this. Couples should also take note that 18 years is the standard age for marriage and they should not be related by blood.

Final thoughts on the UAE marriage procedures

A civil wedding in the UAE is meant for all couples regardless of their ethnicity or religion. The marriage service offered by the UAE is an express and premium kind. When they conclude the marriage, the couple will receive their certificate which they can tender anywhere.

The UAE is a nice place to marry because the laws for civil marriage are easy to follow. Couples who desire a fast process will get everything done in no time.

If you desire a civil wedding in the UAE, book a consultation with our team of wedding experts. They offer premium guidance for all couples.

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