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A Road To Strict Abortion law in Kuwait

A Road To Strict Abortion law in Kuwait

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As per WHO Report, more than 7000 women died in Kuwait in 2008 due to unsafe abortion practices. Overall, Kuwait had more than 3 million unsafe abortions, or 20 unsafe abortions out of 100 live births.

In Kuwait, unsafe pregnancy abortions can lead to horrific consequences. There can be lifelong consequences for women who survive from the unsafe abortions. 

Rules to Follow of Strict Abortion Law in Kuwait

Except in extreme cases, abortion in Kuwait is strictly prohibited. Saving the life of the mother, caring for her mental health, caring for her physical health, or dealing with a known birth defect are all examples of these scenarios.

For any of the acceptable reasons a woman may have an abortion, she must be less than four months pregnant, and the abortion must take place in a state hospital. Three specialists under the supervision of a gynaecologist and obstetrician must approve an abortion before it can be carried out.

When a woman lives far from a state hospital, she must obtain a referral from her doctor. Afterwards, she must present her medical file and abortion request to the committee that will approve the procedure.

Abortions can only be legally performed in state hospitals in dire circumstances. In any case, the Ministry of Health must approve the hospital and the government must be informed about abortions.

Consequences of Violation of Abortion Law:

Kuwaiti law prohibits abortion after 17 weeks of pregnancy, except in cases of a mother’s illness (physical or mental) or fetal deformity/unviability. The reasons for sexual assault, incest, economic needs, and social needs are unworthy. The practice of abortion outside of the few allowed is criminalized and carries a sentence of 3 to 15 years in prison.

Final Verdict on What’s the Effective Solution For Pregnant Mothers?

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