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Author: florian

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at Easy Weddings, Florian simplifies wedding legalities for international couples, driven by personal experiences.

Top 2 winter wedding location for Kuwait residents

With the allure of snow-capped mountains and cozy venues, Georgia has become a hotspot for winter weddings. For Kuwait residents seeking a fairytale nuptial setting, Georgia provides a picturesque backdrop that’s hard to rival. Let’s dive...

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Packages to plan a dream wedding in Georgia

Weddings come with a great deal of responsibility and higher goals to accomplish in order to have the wedding of your dreams. You want to plan the most ideal wedding you can so that your partner would be in wonder about getting married to the love...

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Find the best expat wedding discount

For your wedding or any important event, it is essential to work with a skilled event planner. It might initially seem like a posh indulgence to hire a wedding coordinator. Having someone there to ensure the best possible outcome for your special...

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